Symsoft present in the Americas

Symsoft, the one-stop-shop for charging, messaging and IMS solutions, has a regional office in Dallas and is expanding its business in the region.

 Why Americas

”The Americas region has become the fastest growing telecoms market in the world. To be closer to customers and be able to support the growing opportunities, Symsoft will expand its presence in the region to show long-term commitment and responsibility”, says Kurt Hellström, Chairman of Symsoft AB and former CEO for Ericsson.

 What can we do for you?

“Symsoft is the one-stop-shop for service layer solutions, such as charging, messaging and IP solutions. Symsoft´s Nobill® product portfolio is one of the most all-encompassing, future-proof, single-platform systems for telecom operations on the market. We even dare to say that we are, technology-wise, several years ahead of the competition, with our top-notch teams from both the IT- and the telecom worlds”, says Patrik Philipson, CEO of Symsoft AB.

 How is it possible?

Symsoft’s success lies in the fact that the Nobill product portfolio:

  • Is built on new technology – Nobill is written in Java for outstanding scalability, flexibility and ease of implementation
  • Is feature-rich and easy to configure – broad functionality and rapid creation of marketing campaigns are an operators best insurances for the future
  • Keeps costs down – a convergent platform together with standards compliance provides a cost-effective solution

Renowned for its ability to deliver, Symsoft helps operators worldwide stay competitive in mobile markets. Symsoft, with its head office in Stockholm, has operational systems in more than 20 countries. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

 Meet with us!

Take the opportunity to meet with Symsoft executives, to learn more about our innovative solutions, at our exhibition at the GSM Americas congress in Acapulco Nov. 16-17. For questions or comments, or to schedule a meeting in advance, e-mail to