Elevating your in-house knowledge

Symsoft offers a full range of training programs; from introductory courses to advanced certification courses for product specialists. The goal is to give participants the knowledge required to successfully use, administrate and maintain a Symsoft solution. All courses are designed to ensure a high level of knowledge transfer. Lectures and demonstrations by professional trainers are combined with discussions and hands-on exercises. The courses are provided at Symsoft’s training facilities in Kista, Sweden, or at your premises. We also offer remote training using web conferencing facilities.

To know more about our training courses, please contact training@symsoft.com.

Foundation courses

Foundation courses ensure that your personnel are able to perform basic administration tasks of a Symsoft system in production. They give an overview, understanding and knowledge of:

  • general functionality of Symsoft systems
  • specific system’s interfaces and functionality
  • statistics that can be generated, including logs and tracing for troubleshooting
  • execution environment
  • alarm handling over SNMP
  • communication between you and Symsoft Support

These courses are recommended prior to handover of installation projects to the line organization. To help our customers elevate their staff in ability to manage and configure Symsoft systems and their integration to the networks, Symsoft offers training programs in several different product areas.

Advanced certification courses

Advanced certification courses ensure key personnel in your organization have deeper knowledge to handle the complete solution and to secure its efficient operation. This includes providing training for complete control of a more complex functional product area. Training can include workshops to improve working skills for troubleshooting to enable participants in a shorter time find more detailed information about a problem.

Benefits of Symsoft's training programs

After completing a Symsoft training program you will gain new skills and experience

  • Increased understanding of integration

    Illustrations and discussions help to show how the product integrates to the outside world.

  • Ability to configure the system

    Demo of configuration is gone through, for example how to communicate with third party systems.

  • Ability to model business logic

    Structure and concepts of the business model are gone though one by one, as well as how they used to work together.

  • Proficiency in advanced troubleshooting

    Finding detailed information about how messages in a product area pass through the system is done for both normal operation and example of failure to give routine for identification of cause.

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