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Through Symsoft’s support services you get access to our telecom expertise during the operational life of your solution. We offer a full range of technical support services; from basic telephony- or email-support and remote troubleshooting to enhanced on-site services. The services are available under four different support programs, designed to fit the needs of your business. The programs can also be tailored to individual business requirements by including additional services.

All support services are available on an annual or multi-year subscription basis. In addition to our tiered support programs, Symsoft offers a number of complementing support services. These are designed to let you tailor the complete support solution to meet the individual needs of your organization.

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Available Support Programs


The Bronze Support program is designed to cater for all support needs related to non-mission critical systems such as test or trial systems.


The Silver Support program provides a robust, entry level support offering. It includes Error Corrections, Software Updates, Helpdesk and Emergency Support.


The Gold Support program is designed for operators wanting to get the most out of their flexible Symsoft solution in a demanding business environment. In addition to the services provided by the Silver Support program, Advanced Configuration support is included.


The Platinum Support program is our most qualified program for personal support and proactive maintenance. In addition to the Gold Support program, you get access to further increased support levels and improved SLA times.

Available services

  • Helpdesk

    Our Helpdesk provides a single point of contact for support related queries, remote troubleshooting and supervision of Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets. Incidents that cannot be addressed immediately are logged and escalated to our expert support team. Helpdesk services are available during office hours.

  • Error Corrections

    Our Error Corrections service provides corrective maintenance, resolving known software issues, and preventive maintenance to proactively address potential future issues. Reported issues are prioritized based on severity and your service level agreement.

  • Emergency Support

    The Emergency Support service complements our ordinary Helpdesk. It gives you direct access to the Symsoft technical support team, around the clock for mission critical issues.

  • Advanced Configuration Mentorship

    Symsoft products are recognized for their flexible design. The Advanced Configuration Mentorship service is designed to help you get the most out of your Symsoft investment by coaching you in the configuration of your solution.

  • Support Review Meetings

    For Silver, Gold and Platinum members Support Review Meetings are held continuously during the contract period. The meetings provide an opportunity for you to review service progress and to discuss suggested improvements and changes of the support with key Symsoft personnel.

  • System Audit

    As a Platinum Support program member you are eligible to regular, proactive system audits of your Symsoft solution. The service covers a complete system review, including database analysis and tuning, intended to proactively uncover potential system issues prior to impacting the overall system and business performance.

  • Software Update

    Through the Software Update service you get full access to all software updates of the Symsoft products during the contract period. Software updates include standard and optional functionality improvements as well as the collective error corrections for each software release.

  • Software Update Assistance

    Software Update Assistance gives you access to Symsoft’s technical experts during a system update through remote assistance. The number of assisted updates available during a year is based on your selected support program.

  • Software Update Execution

    Through the Software Update Execution service our technical experts support you during software updates. We handle the complete update along with relevant verification through a remote connection to your network.

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