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Based on years of experience supporting and operating telecommunications systems, Symsoft offers a range of services that examine your network and solutions in more detail to find opportunities to drive revenues and increase operational efficiency. Symsoft can also provide more comprehensive business audits where the wider market potential is considered, for example the potential related to enterprise (A2P) messaging.

Enterprise Messaging Business Audit

The Symsoft Enterprise Messaging Business Audit is a unique service designed for mobile operators’ executive management to help mobile operators to better manage, control and charge for all messaging traffic entering the network.

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SS7 Vulnerability Assessment Service

The Symsoft SS7 Vulnerability Assessment Service is launched in response to recently exposed security threats in mobile operator networks. Through a proven penetration testing scheme, this service will detail weaknesses in your network that could expose subscribers to advanced fraud, hijacked communications and service disruption.

Recent publicly presented research has shown that a number of vulnerabilities in SS7 networks are currently being exploited on a global scale for attacks on operators and individual subscribers. The weaknesses exposed open the door for advanced fraud, hijacking of subscriber communications as well as service disruption. Subscribers may be located down to street level, calls and messages tapped, subscriber profiles tampered with to use services free of charge, and in the worst case, services made completely unavailable.

All these threats rely to a large extent on insufficient filtering of SS7 messages, meaning that non-operator SS7 nodes can request subscriber information and update subscriber profiles in situations where this is not warranted. As more independent parties such as MVNOs and micro-operators access SS7 networks, it has become easier for malicious actors to exploit this central weakness.

The Symsoft SS7 Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to provide examples of potential weaknesses in individual operator networks. The result of the inspection can be utilized as input to a concrete action plan on how to significantly increase the protection against security threats and fraud in your network.

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