Keep your network protected to secure your revenues

Key Benefits

  • Continuous assurance of Enterprise messaging revenues

  • Securing long-term value of firewall investment

  • Pro-actively block specific routes based on international intelligence gathering

The popularity of SMS messaging has attracted not only billions of subscribers and legitimate senders but also fraudulent actors seeking to profit from unsuspecting subscribers and operators. Furthermore, many legitimate senders in search of the lowest rates utilize so-called gray routes for delivering text messaging without compensating the receiving operator. This leaves operators with increased costs for customer care and fraud, as well as lost revenue from incoming SMS traffic.

To protect the network, operators can deploy SMS firewall solutions such as the Symsoft SMS Firewall. However, deploying such solutions is not enough. To ensure continued protection, firewall settings must be updated regularly to effectively block enterprise traffic arriving over gray routes and to filter out fraudulent messages.

Continuous network protection

Symsoft Firewall Update is a unique service that helps operators stay constantly protected against SMS threats and fraud while maximizing their revenue from enterprise messaging. Continuous updates to your firewall minimize the cost of fraud and spam-related customer care and maximize revenues from enterprise messaging. Based on intelligence gathered from enterprise messaging aggregators that process billions of text messages monthly, Symsoft identifies new threats, fraud strategies and gray routes. Experience from Symsoft customers shows that a properly updated firewall can block more than 95% of unwanted traffic.

Firewall updates can be made by Symsoft without operator involvement, to minimize the resources needed to provide a fully updated firewall.

Symsoft Firewall Update Service Overview

  • Maximizing Enterprise Messaging Revenues

    Messages delivered over gray routes are an important source of lost messaging revenue for many operators. The routes used continuously change as sender learn where to find the cheapest price for reaching subscribers. Symsoft Firewall Update Service efficiently blocks gray routes as they become popular and steers enterprise messaging traffic to channels that provide proper compensation to the receiving operator. Furthermore, the increased cost of sending messages to subscribers makes the business case for senders of fraud and spam less attractive.

  • Reducing Fraud

    Illicit senders use different strategies to circumvent operator billing, including service center address faking and SIM farms. This leads to revenue loss and interconnection costs for unpaid messages. Symsoft Firewall Update keeps operators protected, reducing loss from fraud.

  • Available for all Operators

    The standard Firewall Update Service is aimed at customers that use the Symsoft SMS Firewall to protect their network. For operators using other firewall solutions, a Manual Firewall Update service is available. This service includes monthly lists of originating addresses that are currently used to dispatch traffic over gray routes. This efficiently drives enterprise messaging revenues to the operator.

  • Lowering Operational Expenditure

    Firewall updates can be made by Symsoft without operator involvement, to minimize the resources needed to provide a fully updated firewall.

Key Features

  • Monthly filter updates

  • Filter quality ensured with international intelligence collection

  • Addresses misuse from both operator customers and customers at other operators