Offer a flexible voicemail service with a low total cost of ownership

Voicemail is a key offering in almost every mobile network. Subscribers have come to rely on the ability to leave messages to family, friends and colleagues at all times, making it easier to connect.

Voice mail still accounts for a large share of voice revenue, whether charged for directly, or throughout interconnect fees and ”follow-on” calls. Although the voice mail service is well established with few differentiating factors for the subscribers, it is still important to offer an ease of access that meets expectations, encourages usage and promotes follow-on calls. For the subscriber, voicemail ensures that no important calls are missed, provides a back-up when the mobile runs out of battery, and takes calls for the subscriber when the subscriber is engaged in another phone call or prioritising other activities.

Symsoft Voicemail enables operators to offer a flexible voicemail service to their subscribers in an efficient manner with a low total cost of ownership. Symsoft Voicemail can either be delivered as a stand-alone product or as part of a tightly integrated consolidated messaging solution.

Customer-oriented Voicemail Service

Symsoft Voicemail enables operators to offer subscriber-specific prompts and greetings, so that subscribers can interact with the system in their own language. Naturally, each subscriber can also record and set their own personalised greeting for incoming calls.

To ease the load on customer care resources, Symsoft Voicemail includes self-management capabilities so that subscribers can select language and change other settings themselves.

Benefits of Symsoft Voicemail

  • Increased revenues from follow on calls and mailbox access

  • Easily integrated into the mobile network

  • Part of Symsoft’s Consolidated Messaging suite, enabling more efficient operations

  • Support for SIP/RTP and SS7/E1 integration enables service delivery regardless of network technology

Key Features

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    Symsoft Voicemail is designed to be easy to integrate and operate for a low total cost of ownership. An intuitive graphical user interface simplifies system management, while standards-based integration with external solutions enables centralised monitoring and increases system reliability.

  • Helping Subscribers Connect

    To benefit the most from the voicemail service, an operator must make it easy for subscribers to call back once they have received a message. Symsoft Voicemail includes functionality to initiate a call from the voicemail system once a message has been played, based on subscriber input.

  • Available on Several Hardware Platforms

    To give operators the largest freedom possible, Symsoft Voicemail can be deployed on Oracle/Solaris as well as HP/Linux platforms. This decreases the dependance on any one hardware supplier. Efficient use of hardware also decreases footprint. Regardless of hardware platform, Symsoft Voicemail is always deployed in a redundant configuration (N+1).

  • Prepared for Consolidation

    Symsoft Voicemail is developed with efficiency in mind. As part of this, it uses the Symsoft Telecommunication Platform, which means that it can be deployed together with other Symsoft products in a consolidated solution. Consolidation decreases operational expenditure by providing a tightly integrated solution that simplifies integration with external systems. A shared management interface improves the efficiency in system management. Sharing hardware between different nodes also increases utilisation and decreases capital expenditure.

Key Capabilities

  • Voice prompts in multiple languages

  • Personalised greetings

  • Offers call initiation from voicemail service

  • Subscriber self-management

  • Auto-provisioning of mailboxes

  • Ready for integration with SIP/RTP and SS7/E1 networks, enabling common voicemail for all networks

  • Differentiating services such as wakeup call and reminder call

  • IVR, e-mail and web-based retrieval

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