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USSD offers a session-based alternative to traditional SMS interaction for service delivery, automating customer interaction and providing a universally available delivery channel. The Symsoft USSD Menu Server forms a complete system for creating and running USSD-based services. Thanks to its unique interactive session capabilities, the Symsoft USSD Menu Server has the ability to expose various end-user services in a comprehensive menu structure.

Reduce Customer Care Costs

Call centres represent a vital but often costly component of operators’ customer care solutions. Direct contact with customer care agents is relevant when addressing qualified customer requests and support issues, but other inquiries such as recurring updates on balance or general service information are of a more basic nature. The Symsoft USSD Menu Server can be used for self-service via text-based communication, as a cost-effective alternative to standardised customer care. Examples of services are:

  • Voice, SMS, MMS and data usage information
  • Remaining balance on data or SMS packages
  • Activate/deactivate services
  • Edit blacklists and whitelists
  • Information on roaming rates

USSD can typically be deployed to offer the same services as IVR-based self care solutions, without occupying expensive voice links. Hence, USSD services present a cost-efficient alternative to an IVR solution.

Drive New Revenue

The interactivity of the USSD channel makes it ideal for accessing and delivering all kinds of mobile services. This is true both for services that offer a large number of items such as ringtones and games, and for services that require interactivity for security reasons such as mobile banking and payments.

Adding USSD as an alternative and easier way for the subscriber to access existing and new value added services, helps mobile operators create and increase revenue streams from traditional low ARPU segments.

Benefits of Symsoft USSD Menu Server

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The USSD Menu Server is part of the Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

  • Reduces Call Center Load

    Reduces Call Centre Load by offering advanced self service menus.

  • Grows ARPU

    Grows ARPU from popular interactive applications, e.g. televoting and m-commerce.

  • Enables Interactive Sessions

    Advanced menu server functionality supporting interactive sessions.

  • Reduces Marketing Costs

    Reduces marketing costs by presenting subscribers information on new offers.

  • Easily Launched Services

    Reduces start-up and deployment costs with easily launched services.

Symsoft USSD Menu Server Capabilities

  • Rapid Service Creation

    The Symsoft USSD Menu Server offers a service creation environment which allows you to create menus and request information from external systems for quick deployment of new services without vendor involvement. This enables short time-to-market for new service launches. Furthermore, external content providers can be given control of parts of a menu to quickly update their service offering without changes to the menus defined in the Symsoft USSD Menu Server solution.

  • Flexible Charging

    To support payments for different services, the Symsoft USSD Menu Server also includes a flexible charging interface for specific events in a service session. For example, the USSD codes used to navigate through a music catalog can be free while the order of a specific item can be charged. Charging can be done in real-time for subscribers in an online charging system or by CDR generation for subscribers that are handled offline.

  • High Service Accessibility

    Access to services delivered with the Symsoft USSD Menu Server is very intuitive. Entering a service code, end users receive a menu with further options to access the entire range of services provided by the operator or content partners. All mobile phones support the sending and receiving of USSD messages in a standardised manner, facilitating marketing of new services. Compared to SMS and smartphone applications, USSD provides an easier way of accessing services. Furthermore, subscribers can send USSD codes for free wherever they are, even when roaming, making it an excellent choice for services that subscribers would want access to while abroad.

Key Features

  • Mobile- and application-initiated support

  • Interactive menus

  • Included service creation environment for menu design

  • Real-time charging and CDR generation

  • Well-defined interfaces towards external systems

  • Triggering of SMS messages

  • State of the art GUI for performance and fault supervision

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