Drive revenue from text messaging with maximum efficiency

Text messaging has become a major success world-wide and is today an important part of every service provider’s portfolio. Symsoft SMS products are designed to help operators make the most of their business through the efficient delivery of messaging services adapted to the needs of each customer segment, and by protecting the network from SMS-related threats.


Symsoft SMSC is part of the Symsoft consolidated VAS suite. By consolidating services, operators can gain competitive edge by making operations more efficient and decreasing their CAPEX. The Symsoft SMSC also helps you meet the disparate needs of the consumers and enterprise customers and to differentiate yourself successfully from the competition in all these markets. With flexible delivery, and advanced routing and personalization features, you are able to provide an added value to all market segments.

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Benefits of Symsoft SMSC

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The SMSC is part of Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

  • Feature Rich

    Feature rich solution with functionality tailored for the P2P and the A2P market.

  • Multi Network Operation

    The Symsoft platform can be virtualized supporting multiple networks and services on one single system.

  • Efficient Deployment

    Broad functionality and Symsoft's integration experience enables smooth replacement of legacy installations.

SMS Firewall

Application-to-person (A2P) and machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging are growing sources of revenue for mobile operators. However, many operators leave the door open for other operators to flood their network with text messages, without receiving any termination fee. While the sending operators can collect substantial revenues for the traffic, the operator that actually delivers the message is left without compensation. The lack of control also exposes customers to spam and fraudulent messages.

The Symsoft SMS Firewall is a rules-based system allowing an operator to finely control which traffic is permitted to be transported through the operator’s network. Combined with the Symsoft SMS Firewall Update Service it will maximize your revenue from A2P traffic and protect your subscribers.

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Benefits of Symsoft SMS Firewall

  • Increases revenues

    Filters unpaid routes to increase revenue from enterprise traffic terminating in your network

  • SIM farms protection

    Blocks SIM farms utilising cheap P2P bundles to deliver enterprise traffic.

  • Gray and black route protection

    Blocks enterprise traffic utilising unpaid gray routes or faked SMSC identities to deliver free of charge into the network.

  • Cuts customer care costs

    Removes spam which cuts customer care costs and improves customer satisfaction.

A2P Messaging

Symsoft A2P Messaging is an SMSC platform tailored to help operators to fully address the market opportunity provided by enterprise messaging. The requirements for enterprise messaging are different from P2P messaging and the features of Symsoft A2P Messaging enable operators to tailor services to individual enterprise accounts based on their specific needs and end-user expectations. It supports operators to extend their enterprise business and to offer flexible and reliable services for enterprise customers.

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Benefits of Symsoft A2P

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Symsoft A2P Messaging is part of Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

  • Feature-rich

    Feature rich solution with functionality tailored to the enterprise market.

  • Aggregator and Operator Business

    Symsoft A2P Messaging handles enterprise traffic both at operators and aggregators.

  • Least-cost routing

    Support for least cost routing enables optimised routing based on cost towards the destination.


The Symsoft IP-SMSC provides advanced SMSC functionality for SMS services over both SIP and SS7 networks. The integrated IP-SM Gateway functionality helps operators bridge the transition to IP-based infrastructures and to secure a smooth migration for their mobile messaging users. The Symsoft IP-SMSC can be deployed as an integrated part of Symsoft’s Consolidated Messaging and VAS solutions for an even more efficient solution with minimized TCO.

IP-SM Gateway

For operators that want to bridge existing SMSC and IP infrastructure, IP-SM Gateway functionality can be offered separately to secure interoperability between circuit-switched SMS and IP-based SMS services. This product is built on the same foundation as the Symsoft IP-SMSC which enables advanced filtering, personalization and charging integration, and it relies on an external SMSC for store-and-forward.

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Benefits of Symsoft IP-SMSC

  • Advanced SMSC functionality

    Provides Symsoft advanced SMSC functionality for IP messaging.

  • Interoperability

    Provides interoperability between circuit-switched SMS and IP-based SMS services.

  • Multiple deployment options

    Deployed with integrated SMSC or as a stand-alone IP-SM Gateway.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The IP-SMSC is part of Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

SMS Menu Server

The Symsoft SMS Menu Server forms a complete system for creating and running SMS-based services. Thanks to its unique interactive session capabilities, the Symsoft SMS Menu Server offers the possibility of exposing various end-user services in a comprehensive menu structure.

The included Service Creation Environment provides an easy-to-use toolbox of building blocks, opening up for a short timeto market and an endless range of possibilities for mobile end-user services.

Interactive services can include self-management portals and multi-layered services, such as surveys, where subscribers interact in several steps with the system.

Benefits of Symsoft SMS Menu Server

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The SMS Menu Server is part of Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

  • Enables Interactive sessions

    Advanced menu server functionality supporting interactive sessions.

  • Reduces Call Center Load

    Reduces Call Center Load by advanced self service menus.

  • Reduces marketing costs

    Reduces marketing costs by presenting subscriber information about new offers.

  • Grows ARPU

    Grows ARPU from popular interactive applications, e.g. televoting and m-commerce.

  • Easily launched services

    Reduces start-up and deployment costs with easily launched services.

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