The market for mobile messaging is currently undergoing a major shift. The widespread adoption of smartphones introduces an array of IP-based communications services to subscribers, exposing traditional operators to a new type of competition. Succeeding in this new business landscape requires operators to understand the key strengths of their services and to build on these strengths. Symsoft RCS is a product designed to help operators make the most of the messaging business in an IP world.

Mobile messaging has been a true success story for the mobile industry. All over the world, text and multimedia messaging is used by billions of subscribers to connect, wherever they are. The introduction of smartphones has opened up the mobile messaging market to new actors, so-called over-the-top (OTT) providers that offer IP-based messaging services. OTT services offer the same mobility and immediacy as traditional mobile messaging while providing additional functionality: presence notifications, group chat support, and more. However, they lack the universal reach that operator messaging services offers: each OTT service only offers access to other customers using the same service. For most customers, it is very valuable to be able to reach all their contacts using one service; for some, it is indispensable. The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) was launched in part to respond to this need, providing the capabilities of competing IP-based services with the reach of traditional messaging services.

The Symsoft RCS solution is developed to promote loyalty and drive revenues by offering customers and enterprises standards-compliant RCS services. GSMA’s RCS-e and RCS 5.X are natively supported, providing RCS services such as chat, file transfer and video share. Supporting legacy SMS/MMS interworking, the RCS solution extends the reach of these services to all subscribers. Symsoft’s RCS solution enables the operator to provide innovative user experiences on a wide variety of devices.

Symsoft RCS Capabilities

  • Integrated IMS for Flexible Deployment

    To function properly, RCS services rely on an IMS in the operator network. To provide the most cost-efficient solution possible, Symsoft RCS provides several IMS options. For operators that lack IMS, required IMS functionality can be delivered as a built-in component of the Symsoft RCS, removing the need for a costly and complicated IMS core infrastructure. The solution also fully supports being integrated to an external IMS network, acting as an Application Server (AS). It may also be deployed in a hybrid configuration supporting both an external IMS core and integrated IMS with direct client registration, allowing devices to register with the RCS Application Server based on access technology (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) or device type (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.).

  • Driving Enterprise Communications Revenue

    Many enterprises see a substantial value in being able to connect with their customers. For this market segment, RCS offers a rich communications service with unrivaled reach for an array of uses, such as advertising, m-commerce, customer service and gaming. Symsoft RCS provides well-documented APIs to allow enterprises to develop their business with mobile communications, driving additional revenue to the operator.

  • Seamless Between Devices

    Symsoft RCS supports multi-device handling, allowing a message to be delivered to multiple mobile devices using the same identity. Additionally, synchronization of messages can be provided between the different devices using the Messaging Cloud, enabling single common messaging experience on the mobile device, the tablet as well as applications and web access points.

  • Presence Support

    The Symsoft RCS presence feature allows users to share their status and communications capabilities. This includes client device availability on IMS, the client device capabilities (voice, chat, file transfer, video sharing, etc.) and social presence information such as free text status (happy, angry, it’s complicated), a favorite link, location, and an avatar (picture or icon). The presence solution allows operators to provide innovative tools to its subscriber base, enabling users to personalize their incoming and outgoing communications.

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    The RCS Messaging solution can be offered as a cloud-hosted service or as an in-network service. The hosted solution allows the mobile operator to deploy next-generation RCS messaging experiences without the CAPEX and OPEX of a full in-network deployment. Mobile operators can connect to the service via a VPN connection, and the RCS service operates as a separate VM instance allowing for typical customizations necessary for mobile operator in-network deployment of a core service.

Key Features

  • Compliant with GSMA RCS-e RCS.5.X

  • Supports group chat, presence awareness, video, file transfer, and voice

  • Multi-device support with message storage synchronization between devices

  • Provides well-defined RCS API for enterprise communications

  • Provides interworking with legacy SMS/MMS

  • Includes integrated IMS components for deployment in non-IMS networks