The success of mobile broadband is driving a shift in the mobile operators’ networks. Operators are now starting to evolve their network into 4G/LTE in order to meet the increasing demand in mobile broadband services and data rates. Operators are also looking into all-IP messaging services to compete with the OTT applications which are negatively impacting the operators revenues.

Despite this shift SMS will remain the primary revenue generating messaging service for operators for years to come. SMS is a service that subscribers have grown to trust, and operators can still capitalize on this trust. Both subscribers and enterprise messaging customers will still want to have the global reach that SMS offers as regular subscribers transition to 4G/LTE.

To secure the future of SMS messaging, Symsoft IP-SM Gateway provides the interworking between the MAP based 2G/3G networks and the SIP based 4G network in accordance with the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) standards. This ensures seamless support for SMS and IM services in the 4G all-IP networks, including interoperability between SMS and IM services within 4G networks as well as interworking with 2G/3G circuit-switched SMS.

As part of the Symsoft Consolidated Messaging portfolio, Symsoft IP-SM Gateway can be deployed with other messaging capabilites to minimize TCO.

Symsoft IP-SM Gateway Capabilities

  • Multiple Virtualization Options

    All over the world companies are realizing the cost savings made possible by consolidating operations to virtualized and cloud-based platforms. With this technology, several services utilize the same infrastructure. Symsoft IP-SM Gateway supports several options for this. First, Symsoft IP-SM Gateway can be deployed on cloud-based and virtualized servers for flexible capacity management. Second, a single Symsoft IP-SM Gateway deployment has the ability to operate several virtual IP-SM Gateway, to decrease costs and increase agility for multi-network operators. Symsoft IP-SM Gateway can also be offered as a service, whereby IP-SM Gateway functionality is provided on a cluster owned and operated by Symsoft. Capital expenditures are therefore completely eliminated for the operator.

  • Efficiency Through Consolidation

    The Symsoft IP-SM Gateway can be deployed as an integrated part of Symsoft´s Consolidated Messaging solutions requiring no new separate hardware or software. It can be deployed as an integrated part of the Symsoft SMSC, leveraging its advanced routing, filtering and personal services capabilities. Common integration to for example charging, billing and O&M will also reduce OPEX. The integrated solution also reduces required signaling, minimizing load on HLR.

  • Flexible Interworking Between Networks

    Symsoft IP-SM Gateway provides interworking between SMS services in circuit switched networks and SMS/IM services in all-IP IMS networks. Domain selection is made based on availability and preferences. For SMS originating on other networks, interception and interworking of terminating SMS is supported.

Key Features

  • Interworking SMS and IM services in and between all-IP 4G networks and circuit-switched networks

  • Domain selection based on network available and preferences

  • Integrated SM Router with advanced routing, filtering and personalization capabilities

  • Standard SS7 interface to legacy SMSCs

  • Support for virtualization