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The mobile messaging market is undergoing a major revolution. IP-based messaging services are proliferating with the increasing adoption of smartphones, providing ample competition for the traditional messaging services that operators offer.

To stay relevant and to succeed in this new business landscape, operators need to understand the key strengths of their services and to build on these strengths while matching the capabilities of competing offers. The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) was launched in response to this need, providing the capability of competing IP-based services with the global reach of traditional messaging services.


IP-SM Gateway

Rich Communication Suite (RCS)

Symsoft RCS is designed to help operators make the most of the messaging business in an IP world. It promotes loyalty and drives revenues by offering customers and enterprises standards-compliant RCS, providing services such as chat, file transfer and video share. Supporting legacy SMS/MMS interworking, Symsoft RCS extends the reach of these services to all subscribers.

To provide the most cost-efficient solution possible, Symsoft RCS provides several IMS options. For operators that lack IMS, required IMS functionality can be delivered as a built-in component of the Symsoft RCS, removing the need for a costly and complicated IMS core infrastructure. The solution also fully supports integration into an external IMS network.

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Benefits of Symsoft RCS

  • Advanced capabilities

    Provides attractive messaging services with advanced capabilities such as presence, group chat and video share.

  • Supports Legacy Systems

    Legacy interworking to provide global reach.

  • Well-defined APIs

    Drives enterprise revenue with well-defined APIs for third-party services.

  • Compliant with RCS standards

    Symsoft RCS is compliant with RCS standards supporting flexible deployment options, including cloud-based services.

IP-SM Gateway

For operators that want to bridge existing SMSC and IP infrastructure, IP-SM Gateway functionality can be offered separately to secure interoperability between circuit-switched SMS and IP-based SMS services. This product is built on the same foundation as the Symsoft IP-SMSC which enables advanced filtering, personalisation and charging integration, and it relies on an external SMSC for store-and-forward.

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Benefits of Symsoft IP-SM Gateway

  • Advanced SMS functionality

    Provides Symsoft advanced SMS functionality for IP messaging.

  • Interoperability

    Interoperability between circuit-switched SMS and IP-based SMS services.

  • Multiple deployment options

    Deployed as stand-alone IP-SM Gateway or with integrated SMSC.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The IP-SM Gateway is part of the Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

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