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MMS is one of the essential services in an operator’s service portfolio. It enables subscribers to connect through images, videos and sounds to create a richer mobile experience.

Since its introduction, MMS has enjoyed a growing use among subscribers as mobile phones have evolved to support multimedia recording. With increasing penetration of smartphones, subscribers are finding it even easier to capture and share their lives with friends and family. Today, MMS contributes around 15% of operator data revenues globally, and the A2P MMS opportunity provides a growth opportunity.

Symsoft MMSC is a future-proof solution that is compliant with the 3GPP, 3GPP2 and OMA standards and meets the challenges raised by the modern MMS environment.

Efficient Service Delivery

The Symsoft MMSC enables operators to deliver a flawless MMS user experience with features such as automatic provisioning for first time usage, legacy support with web based message retrieval, precise media adaptation for optimal MMS presentation, and A2P peak handling with minimal impact on P2P traffic.

Symsoft MMSC is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership for operators. System management is performed through an intuitive graphical user interface, and interfaces are provided for centralized monitoring.

Standard interfaces are used for service delivery, charging and monitoring to simplify integration with third party network elements. Well-defined interfaces are also provided to extract information to external systems.

Benefits of Symsoft MMSC

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The MMSC is part of Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

  • Integrated WAP GW

    Simplified integration and no need to depend on legacy WAP GW’s.

  • Reliable service delivery

    Proven, future-proof platform for reliable service delivery.

  • Multi-market support

    Decrease TCO with virtual MMSCs serving different brands and markets .

Key features

  • Content adaptation

    Ensure optimal MMS presentation independent of recipient’s handset model

  • Legacy support

    Enable MMS delivery to subscribers without MMS capable phones

  • Efficient A2P MMS handling

    Processes A2P traffic peaks without impact on the P2P traffic

  • Integrated WAP GW

    Simplified integration and no need to depend on legacy WAP GW’s

  • Geographical distributed deployment options

    Protect your system from area wide disasters

  • Virtual MMSCs

    Launch second brands/MVNOs with separate MMS service profiles instantly

  • Minimize your TCO

    Symsoft MMSC is part of Symsoft Consolidated Messaging suite, ready for consolidation and cloud deployment

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