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Symsoft MMSC provides a solution that enables operators to provide multimedia messaging services in a cost-efficient manner.

Multimedia messaging is an important part of an operator’s service portfolio. Subscribers have grown accustomed to being able to share their life with images, sound and video on their mobile devices. The proliferation of smartphones has also made it easier to create this content, increasing the popularity of the service.

Symsoft MMSC provides a scalable product for operators that demand a robust solution, enabling them to provide multimedia messaging services in a cost-efficient manner. As part of Symsoft’s consolidated messaging offering, this product can be delivered together with other Symsoft products in a unified solution. Using its virtualization capabilities, a single Symsoft MMSC instance can also support several geographical markets. All of this simplifies integration, and decreases capital and operational expenditure to help improve the messaging business for all operators.

Symsoft MMSC leaflet

Benefits of Symsoft MMSC

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    The MMSC is part of Symsoft VAS suite enabling a consolidated solution for all messaging and voice services.

  • Integrated WAP GW

    Simplified integration and no need to depend on legacy WAP GW’s.

  • Reliable service delivery

    Proven, future-proof platform for reliable service delivery.

  • Multi-market support

    Decrease TCO with virtual MMSCs serving different brands and markets .

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