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A Complete Solution for Call Completion

Call completion – the ability to convert every call attempt to a revenue-generating event – is becoming increasingly important for communication service providers as margins drop and competition intensifies. Call completion services also improve the end-user experience, as even if a call does not reach its intended destination, it is still perceived as successful. Symsoft’s consolidated call completion solution encompasses Collect Call, Call-Back Roaming, and Missed Call Alert. Consolidating these services provides a superior TCO while shortening lead times for new services.

Symsoft’s consolidated call completion solution offers a complete set of Call Completion services intended to drive voice revenue and reduce cost in the operators network. The principle is that all subscribers should always be able to make a call, independent of account status, roaming agreements and type of subscriber, while all incoming calls should generate a call termination charge.

Call Me

Symsoft Call Me allows mobile subscribers to request other subscribers to call back. The Service is normally offered free-of-charge to the end user, enabling customers to connect and driving revenue from people calling back.

Call-back Roaming

Symsoft Call-Back Roaming allows roaming prepaid subscribers to initiate calls from networks that do not allow for real-time service control. An additional major benefit is that all roaming calls are originated in the home network where a higher percentage of the call revenue is retained by the home network operator. For the roaming subscriber, this service could therefore also offer reduced roaming rates when calling to the home network.

Collect Call

Symsoft Collect Call is a well-established service that enables subscribers to request another on-net recipient to be charged for a call. Generally, the service allows prepaid subscribers to initiate calls even if their credit is low or if they are reluctant to place a call. This drives new revenue by boosting the number of successful calls.

Missed Call Alert

With Symsoft Missed Call Alert, subscribers will receive an SMS notifying them of their missed calls when their telephone has been turned off or out of coverage. This generates additional revenue to operators as subscribers can call back even when the caller has not left any voicemail or text messages.

Key Benefits

  • Target Your Entire Subscriber Base

    Mobile Subscribers today expect access to a complete call completion package: If they lack funds they expect a Collect Call service, if they miss a call they expect to be notified, and when traveling they expect to be able to make calls whether Camel signalling is supported or not. Symsoft’s consolidated call completion solution provides all these services on a single platform and technology with full support for charging triggering and differentiation between post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. Pre-paid subscribers can even set up calls when roaming in markets without Camel support using USSD initiation.

  • Reduce TCO

    With a Consolidated Call Completion solution, different services share hardware and technology, limiting CAPEX requirements. OPEX is also reduced as fewer staff can operate more services, support fees are reduced and the requirement on facilities are reduced through lower power consumption, and less floor space required. The savings on support fees and other OPEX related costs often motivates the replacement of legacy systems with a consolidated solution from Symsoft even before End-of-life is reached for the existing systems.

  • Accelerate Service Deployment

    Consolidated Call Completion shortens lead times for service deployment. A single system, with a single termination point for voice trunks, supports all services and simplifies integration. With a common Graphical User Interface, configuring and maintaining services ensures short time to market for new or updated services.

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