Create a superior mobile telecom customer experience

The Symsoft MVNO platform is made up of Symsoft’s own carrier grade products designed and developed to specifically serve mobile operators.

  • Business Support System
  • Consolidated Policy & Charging
  • Value Added Services (Messaging, Call Completion and IVR/VMS).

The MVNO platform excels in business logic configuration with 3GPP telecom protocol support for painless integration to any network across the globe. It is easily configurable through a comprehensive GUI with a wide range of parameters enabling MVNOs to implement any product or offering with a very short time to market. ​

With robust industry references, the Symsoft MVNO platform currently serves MVNOs from a few thousands subscribers up to millions.

Symsoft MVNO platform

Business Support System

The Symsoft BSS is a modern Billing and CRM component for MNOs, MVNOs and Communication Service Providers supporting streamlined processes for all aspects of the business. Service definitions, pricing, order handling, provisioning, inventory management, invoicing and customer care are all included. ​​

A tool-box approach to the BSS design provides a modularity that enables Symsoft to meet every requirement for MVNOs. From customer-centric players offering advance services to quad-play providers all the way to discount, no-frills MVNOs.​


Consolidated Policy & Charging

Switching operators has never been easier for customers and retention has never been more important for CSPs and MVNOs. Succeeding in mobile today is all about creating superior customer experiences. We strongly believe in empowering users so they feel they are in control of their products and services and ultimately stick with their operator. ​

After collaborating with MNOs and MVNOs for many years and providing them with flexible and reliable real-time policy and charging software, we know that user expectation can be summarized in five important points: ​

  • Real-time activation and provision of new products and services
  • Freedom of choice
  • Customer centricity
  • Low need for support
  • Easy disconnection

The combination of these points is key for users to feel in control and for operators to keep churn to a minimum.

To implement these crucial qualities, a real-time based technology is a key requirement. The network must be controlled in real-time, and customer requests need to be attended to in real-time as well.

Real-Time Control

MVNOs and CSPs launching fighting brands in the already crowded mobile market, have the opportunity to be at the forefront of customer experience. By leveraging Symsoft’s real-time Consolidated Policy and Charging, they can design and implement customer processes based on real-time actions and data placing them in a great position to succeed against the established players.

Real Time

Value Added Services

Symsoft started developing services tailored for mobile telecom operators more than 25 years ago. During our journey we have provided solutions to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators in messaging and call completion services. Our components are used by some of the biggest telecom operators in the world and are packaged in main telecom manufacturers as part of their OEM products.

​The reliability of these components have been proven and we trust them to be part of the Symsoft MVNO Platform. Their scalability as well as their ease of operation makes them the perfect Value Added Services nodes for our MVNO Platform.​

Value Added Services components of the Symsoft MVNO Platform

  • SMSC
  • MMSC
  • USSD
  • IVR
  • VoiceMail Service
  • Call Completion Services
  • A2P SMSC
  • IP-SM-GW
  • SMS Menu