Advanced BSS, Real-time control and service delivery to create a superior customer experience

The Symsoft MVNO Platform is the foundation for all our MVNO solutions. Based on our long experience of developing carrier-grade solutions for the communications industry, we can offer one of the most comprehensive, reliable and proven platforms in the market.

The Symsoft MVNO Platform provides 3GPP telecom protocol support as well as flexible and extensive business logic to help you create attractive services for a superior customer experience. All core capabilities required for succeeding as an MVNO can be provided:

  • BSS
  • Real-Time Control
  • Core Network

Thanks to a modular design, all different types of MVNOs can be supported, from CSPs and light MVNOs all the way through to full MVNOs. Flexible configuration of our platform ensures the needs of the market, network partners and local regulations are met.


Symsoft BSS is a modern Billing and CRM component for MNOs, MVNOs and CSPs that supports streamlined processes for all aspects of the business. Service definitions, pricing, order handling, provisioning, inventory management, invoicing and customer care are all included in Symsoft BSS.

A tool-box approach to the BSS design provides a modularity that enables Symsoft to meet each and every requirement for MVNOs, from customer-centric players offering advanced services, to quad-play providers all the way to discount, no-frill MVNOs. The tool-box approach is the key to achieving a system that is:

  • Future-proof and Feature Rich
  • Adaptable and Affordable
  • Tested and Proven

As all BSS deployments use the same platform, meaning that MVNOs can transition between different business models as and when they need to. For example upgrading a no-frills offering to something more suitable as understanding of the market develops, or adding services to provide multi-play services.

BSS benefits for MVNOs

  • Full suite of BSS functionality

  • Supports any service and a vast array of pricing models in a consolidated Product Catalog

  • High level of process automation

  • Integrated Billing CRM for full control

  • Generic architecture enables full support of future services

Real-time Control

Succeeding in mobile today is all about creating superior customer experiences. Providing services shaped in real-time based on previous service use and account balances allows you to instantaneously give customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

To enable such reactive services it’s necessary to have real-time control over service delivery. This is why the Symsoft MVNO Platform includes an Online Charging System with integrated Policy Control, giving you full freedom to design services that react immediately to your customers actions and service use. The Policy Control capability lets you design offers that also include third party digital service partners such as Facebook, Netflix, Spotify etc. and create rules that promote these offers to customers using each specific service.

One of the benefits of real-time control is a solid foundation for excellent customer care. Online tools, automated gateways as well as customer care staff are constantly given up to the minute information on customer accounts so that they can offer better support and troubleshooting. Customers can even be automatically notified of upcoming events relating to their subscription, for example expiration of specific services or low account balances, and then be given options on how to react. All of these features creates a more seamless mobile experience and adds value to your customers.

Real-time control use cases

Actual examples of offers realised by Symsoft customers using real-time control.

  • Automatic provisioning of buckets to extend customers plan capacity

  • Deviations in pricing applied in real-time, for certain traffic cases

  • Promotions applied at a very specific moment, driven by specific conditions met by individual account/subscriptions.

  • Automated account/subscription lifecycle changes as activations, deactivations, reactivations, expirations etc. occur

  • Notifications in real-time with specific individual account/subscription information

  • Bucket sharing for subscription groups

  • Network element provisions triggered by account/subscription behavior

Core Network

Symsoft started developing specific services for mobile telecom operators more than 25 years ago. During our journey we have provided solutions for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators in the messaging arena as well as call completion services, voice services and data services. Our components are used by some of the biggest telecom operators in the world and are also packaged in main telecom manufacturers as part of their OEM products.

We trust these components to be part of the MVNO platform because their reliability is proven. Their scalability as well as their ease of operation, makes them the perfect network component layer for MVNOs.

Since our products are all developed in virtualized environments with supporting technology in mind, their flexibility in terms of capacity and functionality provides the perfect balance between convenience and quality.

Core network components

These core network components are fully integrated into our MVNO platform, making Symsoft the one-stop-shop for MVNOs that want to concentrate on their business instead of their supporting technology

  • SMSC

  • MMSC



  • SCP

  • SBC

  • USSD

  • IVR

  • Voicemail

  • Call Completion