Symsoft MVNO Platform as a Service to maximise your flexibility

MVNOs are increasingly becoming a major market changer in the telecoms arena. Initially, MVNOs were often started in response to MNOs that were unable, or unwilling to propose alternatives aimed at specific segments of consumers with distinctive needs. While this continues to be a strong driver, independent MVNOs now also execute more targeted, elaborative and disruptive strategies that are currently redefining the paradigms of an industry that has traditionally lead by a few players in each market.

These are exciting changes, however, launching an MVNO is neither easy or without significant risk. Studies show that lack of expertise is the biggest pitfall for MVNOs offering something out of the ordinary in individual markets. This becomes even more important when you take into account that the number of new players who can truly change the market come from outside the traditional telecommunications industry.

Symsoft has been supporting MVNOs for more than a decade. With solid experience of both technology platforms and business models, Symsoft has developed the Symsoft MVNO Platform that helps MVNOs tackle the ever-changing problems that are part of their day-to-day operations.

Based on this platform and their long experience in the industry, Symsoft has developed and implemented the Mobile Virtual Network Cloud (MVNCloud). Laying on top of Symsoft’s MVNO Platform, MVNCloud significantly reduces the complexity for companies as they set up their mobile communications offering. Focusing on a short time to market for new offers aimed at end users and ease of use whilst retaining a carrier-grade experience means that barriers to success for MVNOs can be reduced.

Advantages of Symsoft MVNCloud

  • Low barrier of entry, close to zero CAPEX

  • Pay-as-you-grow model, makes the MVNCloud offering the most risk-free option

  • Off-the-shelf availability – platform is up and running, serving customers today

  • Available with pre-arranged roaming agreements and ready for you to bring your own MNO agreements

  • Full independence from the MNO with HLR/HSS capabilities

  • Branded SIM Cards included in the offering

Key Capabilities

  • API Gateway

    Providing a comprehensive set of functional requests, the REST based API facilitates integration with existing IT functions on the MVNO side (BSS), and has been also used to seamlessly integrate Symsoft BSS, which can be included optionally in the MVNCloud offering

  • Real-Time Control

    The set of features provided by Real-Time Control components in the MVNO Platform have been passed on to the MVNCloud, giving MVNOs the ability to design and implement any type of offering

  • Network Components

    Reliable, proven and consistently evolving over the last 20 years, Network Components are a fundamental part of MVNCloud implementation

Flexible Connectivity Options

Bring your own agreement for Symsoft to integrate into the platform, complement our connectivity or rely solely on pre-arranged connectivity from Symsoft which is already integrated and will enable global coverage and roaming offerings for you.