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There are over 1 000 virtual mobile network operators (MVNOs) operating globally and with emerging markets Latin America, Middle-East, Africa and Asia there is great potential to increase these numbers. Symsoft’s MVNO Solutions support MVNOs around the world and can support your business tomorrow.

Symsoft MVNO Solutions enable full control of the customer experience of the subscribers. It provides the MVNO with the tools necessary for creating and evolving the service offering and also allowing the subscribers to experience a great service, whether it is mobile, fixed, TV or broadband, Symsoft provides a modern and modular functional scope with a high degree of flexibility and control for the MVNO. Providing experience and understanding of the MVNO market together with our care and response time on customer requests, Symsoft is a force in the MVNO market space.

Utilizing the complete product portfolio of Symsoft used by MVNOs, MVNO enablers (MVNEs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) together with over a decade of experience within the MVNO market.

Benefits of Symsoft MVNO solutions

Provides a unique toolbox for differentiating and managing the entire customer experience of subscribers.

  • Modular architecture for flexible functional utilization

    Use one, a set of or all functionality available in the Symsoft MVNO Solutions. E.g. connect an external CRM or use the CRM available in the Symsoft MVNO Solutions.

  • Multi-tenancy support for business flexibility

    Launching multiple countries with separate operations teams is easily separated and enabled in the Symsoft MVNO Solutions.

  • Real-time enabled for all service types

    Having full control over the service delivery to the subscribers increases the service capabilities and also business assurance.

  • Full control over service creation and delivery

    A centralized product catalog for all services simplifies the business operations and increases product innovation.

Retail Management

Customer Experience Management is critical for an MVNO, and the Retail Management area of the Symsoft MVNO platform enables complete control over customer experience. Create a product offering, learn from subscribers' feedback and evolve your business to stay attractive in the market.

Business Assurance

Operating and assuring your platform for business continuity are essential for the MVNE and MVNO business model. Securing the delivery of the services to the MVNO subscribers and also assuring the services delivered by the mobile network operator.

Network Connectivity

Connectivity to the MNO network and management of such connectivity is all supported in the Symsoft MVNE platform. Integration is modular and components are available from the core network all through the Value Added Services.

Retail Management

The retail value chain is an essential part of the MVNE business, having the ability to excel and control in the product creation arena and later use the input from the customers to evolve the product offering to a higher level. Symsoft provides all of these opportunities in the Retail Management functionality of the MVNE platform.

Subscriber management and product management together with the right tools enable the MVNO to create the customer experience matching and even going beyond the subscribers’ expectations. A core part of these tools are the CRM capabilities and enabling the customer care personnel the flexibility to respond to the needs of the subscribers. Symsoft MVNE platform provide all these tool which are necessary to create the optimal customer experience and also improving the business as the operator evolves.

The functional suite includes the following applications; Product Catalog, CRM, Billing, Invoicing, OCS, IN, Voucher Management, Self-management Gateway and Reporting & Statistics.

Business Assurance

The MVNE business is about managing both the MNOs and the MVNOs connected to the platform delivering the end-user services. The area of Business Assurance and Management addresses both areas and enables the MVNE to control all relationships.

A part of the customer experience is the service being as good as expected by the end-users and Symsoft Business Assurance and Management provides the tools necessary to control the customer experience of the service. Symsoft also provides support for handling wholesale and roaming traffic charge using standard interfaces such as TAP. Most important is the provisioning supported by the Symsoft MVNE platform using a flexible order management and provisioning framework. The framework can be used for both mobile networks but also quad-play services and non-telecom applications using a plug-in function for the external interfaces connected to the Symsoft MVNE platform.

The functional suite includes the following applications; Inventory and Order Management, Provisioning, Performance Management, TAP for roaming traffic, Wholesale Rating and Accounting.

Network Connectivity

MNO’s are essential for the MVNE and MVNO business and integrating with the radio network cannot be avoided. Symsoft provides the tools for making this integration and relationship in an efficient and cost effective way.

Symsoft’s Network Integration and Management functionality enables flexibility and control over the network elements necessary for a “Full MVNO” implementation towards the mobile operator. All functionality are telco-grade and in operation at both MNO and MVNO operators today. Symsoft’s 25 years of service within the telecom industry has provided a functional suite supporting a majority the telecom standard network interfaces and use cases necessary for integration and management of the MNO connectivity and the relationship.

The functional suite includes the following applications; HLR/HSS, GGSN/PGW (PCEF), DPI, SMSC, MMSC, USSD GW, IVR, Voicemail, WAP Gateway, IP-SM-GW, PCRF, Mobile Number Portability and Diameter Gateway.

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