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New Opportunities - New Requirements

The evolution of products into intelligent connected devices provides a significant opportunity for Mobile Network Operators. The estimates on the predicted number of connected things vary between analysts but everyone agree there is a rapidly increasing number of devices connected on cellular networks.

To be able to maximize the Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity Mobile Network Operators must meet the new requirements driven by these new products and applications. For an MNO to be successful within the IoT segment it is simply not enough to provide tweaked consumer subscriptions since there are significant differences in subscriber requirements compared to requirements for running IoT services:

  • Connected things typically have a lower ARPU than subscribers which requires outstanding cost efficiency in operations.
  • The number of SIM Cards connected is often high and will be increasing which means efficient SIM Card management is essential.
  • Cellular connectivity for the IoT requires flexible commercial models tailored for the specific needs of each application. The commercial model needs to be dynamically scaleble over time. Buckets and fixed monthly fees is not good enough.
  • A monthly bill does not provide enough information. IoT applications require real-time usage data as well as the ability to directly manage settings. The MNO must provide the necessary tools for IoT customers.

The Symsoft IoT Platform provides the tools needed for a mobile operators to meet the new requirements of cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things. Symsoft can provide the tools and experience to maximize the Internet of Things opportunity.

Benefits of Symsoft IoT Platform

  • Ability to Tailor Business Model for IoT

    Support different usage patterns and create flexible plans for enterprise customers.

  • Versatile API

    Provide required relevant information in real-time, and enable customers to manage settings.

  • Efficient SIM Management

    Capable operations with low total cost of ownership essential with a large number of SIMs with below average ARPU.

  • Support Any Vertical

    Flexibility to support a wide variety of IoT industry verticals with different needs and requirements.

Strong Platform Capablities

Symsoft has for many years successfully provided the technology necessary for enabling mobile operators to launch a flexible virtual operator business, including MVNO solutions for Retail Management, Business Assurance and Network Connectivity.

Symsoft’s broad MVNE and MVNO experience has been an important foundation for the development Symsoft’s IoT Platform with additional specific functionality developed that is tailored for connected devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. The Symsoft IoT Platform provides a high flexibility to cater for multiple verticals with different usage patterns.

To ensure profitability, an operator’s IoT business needs to be supported by highly automated provisioning, subscription management, real-time billing and operation that scales with the growing traffic from an increasing number of connected devices. A flexible IoT solution provides customers with detailed information in real-time and enabling customers the ability to update and adjust their subscription management including activation and deactivation.

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IoT Connectivity

Establishing the actual connectivity between devices and enterprise IoT solutions is central for the Internet of Things concept. Connectivity coverage and quality are two fundamental aspects for any IoT service. Mobile data connectivity is the basis for vast majority of IoT applications but SMS and voice services are also successfully used to complement coverage and to wake up a device and establish data connectivity.

Symsoft’s sister company, CLX Networks, provides operator connectivity through its more than 100 direct mobile operator relationships world-wide. CLX Networks IoT Connectivity service is designed to provide high quality connectivity for a wide variety of enterprise services. For an mobile operator there are strong complementary benefits to work with a trusted connectivity partner to strengthen its IoT market offer by extending geographic coverage.

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