A platform tailored to create superior IoT connectivity services

IoT is currently leading the growth of the telecoms market. This trend is expected to continue as an increasing number of businesses reap the benefits of the new connected world.

Connectivity services will generate a large portion of that growth, and MNOs and other Service Providers must prepare to meet the needs of this new customer segment.

IoT customers come with a new set of requirements for connectivity, different from the typical mobile consumer market. Symsoft IoT solutions tackle those requirements by providing features specifically developed for the IoT market.

Benefits of Symsoft IoT Platform

  • Customer structure

    Configurable to adapt to every IoT application imaginable

  • SIM management

    Built for handling a large number of connections per customer in an efficient manner

  • Charging, rating and pricing

    Highly flexible to let you adapt your service to market needs rather than platform limitations

  • Real-time control with integrated Policy management

    Enabling a high degree of automation, offering you and your customers control over every connection with a high level of efficiency

Symsoft IoT Platform and Symsoft BSS

Symsoft IoT Platform + Symsoft BSS is a full stack IoT Connectivity Management Platform designed and implemented to enable MNOs and Service Providers to safely, easily and reliably define and offer to their customers the structures, pricings and connectivity services, without disturbing their existing business. All of them based on a platform that is:

  • Modular yet tightly integrated
  • Adaptable to MNOs’ and IoT Service Providers’ needs
  • Powerful Symsoft Real-Time Control components to support all innovative use cases and pricing requirements

IoT Platform Use Cases

IoT Platform supports a wide range of use cases proposed by IoT business models

  • Location-based policies

  • Network congestion policies

  • Device consumption control

  • Application/Device type policies

  • Voice support

  • Split billing