An IoT Platform as a Service for efficient management of IoT customers

Service Providers with their own connectivity agreements have a great opportunity to monetize on IoT, with forecasts pointing to a huge market potential in the coming years. However, that connectivity needs to be managed in a way that can be offered to the customers in manner they understand, packaged, priced, and controlled in a way that makes sense to their business.

Symsoft IoT Platform Service is conceived with those needs in mind. It provides a platform offered as a service to remove the connectivity management and mobile core complexity so that Service Providers can avoid the hurdles of sourcing, deploying and operating a full solution on their own. Multi-IMSI SIM cards provided by Symsoft, avoiding the SIM Card profile definition, development and testing.

In addition to that, Symsoft provides connectivity on the platform that can be used by the Service Providers in order to extend their existing coverage footprint.

Dynamic SIM for optimised coverage and cost

  • Dynamic multi-IMSI with SIM-OTA capabilities for addition of IMSI from new operator on SIM or changing between existing ones – up to 10 IMSIs can be stored on SIM.

  • Multi-IMSI ruleset and preferred roaming list for automatic swap of active operator, optimizing coverage and cost.

  • Roaming steering supported to minimise traffic costs.

  • SIM uses internal MSISDN, but public MSISDN can be added on request at any point in time for terminal to terminal communication.


Exposes relevant information and provides capabilities for managing the SIM lifecycle through Rest API.

  • SIM identity (ICCID)

  • Device identity (IMEI)

  • Device location (current MCC/MNC)

  • Available capabilities (data, SMS, voice)

  • Month-to-date usage

API operations

  • Activate or terminate device

  • Set usage limits

  • Block device (blocks all traffic to and from SIM)

  • Enable/disable capabilities (data, SMS and/or voice)

Convenient pricing model

Forecast accurately and be in control of your operational costs

  • Setup fee

    An initial setup fee including MNO integration and basic configuration of customer will be charged as per agreed service contract.

  • Price per SIM unit

    SIM units delivered to your premises.

  • Monthly fee

    Based on number of SIM cards shipped and connectivity used.

  • Pay-as-you-go for traffic use

    Applicable when Service Provider wants to go with Symsoft global coverage already integrated in the platform.