Capture the IoT opportunity with Symsoft’s IoT Portfolio

New Opportunities - New Requirements

The evolution of everyday products into intelligent connected devices provides a significant opportunity for mobile network operators. The estimates on the predicted number of connected things varies between analysts, but everyone agrees there is a rapidly increasing number of devices connected on cellular networks. Analysts believe that the number of intelligent connected devices will eventually surpass the number of personal mobile subscriptions.

To capitalise on the Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity, Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers must meet the requirements driven by these new products and applications. To reach the IoT segment, you have to offer more than just tweaked consumer subscriptions, as IoT customers have very specific needs:

  • Customers must be able to react to different context changes of their subscriptions in real time.
  • Subscription control must be possible to automate to offer instant control, for example if a single connection suddenly increases its traffic.
  • Customers must be able to conveniently manage thousands to millions of SIMs.
  • Connectivity pricing needs to be tailored to match the IoT value proposition.
  • SIM management must be very efficient to compensate for the lower ARPU per SIM in IoT applications.

All of the above create the need for a specific platform to manage IoT subscriptions, one that meets current customer needs and that can evolve in parallel with the IoT market. A dedicated platform is prefered over adapting existing platforms built to manage consumer subscriptions due to adaptations generally being difficult, costly and hurting the stability of the systems that your existing business is based on.