Capture the IoT opportunity with Symsoft’s IoT Portfolio

The IoT opportunity

The IoT market is currently experiencing huge growth and potential. The evolution of everyday products into intelligent connected devices provides a significant opportunity for mobile network operators and IoT service providers.

Offering IoT connectivity

Offering mobile connectivity for IoT purposes is a very different prospect to offering mobile connectivity to consumers. The basics are the same – it’s a SIM card with data, SMS and possibly voice capabilities, but the characteristics of how you manage the connectivity and the commercials related to it are significantly different. Available legacy systems might not be suitable to meet the needs of IoT.

Our IoT Solutions

What Symsoft provides is all the network components required for a customer to offer mobile connectivity for IoT. It includes mobile core nodes and real-time charging components to provide all the control and real-time capabilities required by business critical IoT applications. Customers have the option to either procure their own platform, or use our platform service, where the IoT Platform is offered “as a service” in a multi tenant environment.

    IoT Platform

Customer has its own instance of the IoT Platform, with all the flexibility and full control it implies. Customer can decide if they wish to operate the platform themselves or use the managed service provided by Symsoft.

    IoT Platform Service

To leverage economy of scale Symsoft is today operating a multi-tenant version of the IoT Platform, offered “as a service” to customers. Customers integrate their operational processes using a comprehensive API. The IoT Platform Service offers short TTM and a pay-as-you-grow model that allows customers to minimize their initial investments.