Drive new enterprise messaging revenue and protect subscribers

Application-to-person (A2P) and machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging are growing sources of revenue for mobile operators. However, many operators leave the door open for other operators to flood their network with text messages, without receiving any termination fee. While the sending operators can collect substantial revenues for the traffic, the operator that actually delivers the message is left without compensation. As messages from foreign SMSCs are delivered directly to subscribers, operators generally lack the ability to control incoming traffic.

The lack of control also exposes customers to spam and fraudulent messages. The cost of illicit traffic extends beyond customer dissatisfaction and increased load on customer service. As the amount of irrelevant SMS messages increases, SMS itself becomes less efficient as a marketing channel.

Symsoft offers a product and service portfolio that enables operators to control the flow of messages, protecting revenues, subscribers and maintaining SMS as a premium marketing channel.

SMS Firewall

Symsoft SMS Firewall is a rules-based system allowing an operator to finely control which traffic is permitted to be transported through the operator’s network. This protects consumers and raises SMS revenue. Provided and delivered by Symsoft, Symsoft SMS Firewall is developed using Symsoft’s long experience and expertise in the areas of SMS and A2P messaging. The Symsoft SMS Firewall combined with the Symsoft SMS Firewall Update Service will maximize your revenue from A2P traffic and protect your subscribers.

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Benefits of Symsoft SMS Firewall

  • Increases revenues

    Filters unpaid routes to increase revenue from enterprise traffic terminating in your network.

  • Gray and black route protection

    Blocks enterprise traffic utilising unpaid gray routes or faked SMSC identities to deliver free of charge into the network.

  • SIM farms protection

    Blocks SIM farms utilising cheap P2P bundles to deliver enterprise traffic.

  • Cuts customer care costs

    Removes spam which cuts customer care costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Messaging Business Audit

The Symsoft Enterprise Messaging Business Audit is a unique service designed for mobile operators’ executive management to help mobile operators to better manage, control and charge for all messaging traffic entering the network.

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SMS Firewall Update Service

Firewalls enable important protection of operator networks, but firewall settings must be updated regularly to ensure continued protection. Symsoft Firewall Update is a service to continually update your firewall to minimize the cost of fraud and spam-related customer care and to maximize revenues from enterprise messaging.

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