As operators continue to roll out new LTE-based services, Diameter is emerging as a new target for signalling attacks. Symsoft Diameter Firewall is designed to protect your network in real-time, and a high degree of flexibility, advanced analytics and Symsoft’s on-going engagement allows you to stay protected even as new vulnerabilities emerge.

Symsoft Diameter Firewall Highlights

  • Broad protection

    Protects against GSMA category 0, 1, 2, and 3 threats, including subscriber tracking, traffic intercept, denial of service, fraud, and spam.

  • Real-time traffic analysis

    Immediate blocking of illicit requests, including illegal requests and malformed packets.

  • Stateful analysis

    Sessions are tracked to immediately block illicit requests that can only be identified by correlating several messages in an exchange.

  • Flexible filtering framework

    The filtering can be configured using all available parameters, creating rules that either block matching sessions or monitor them.

  • Configurable AVP support

    New AVPs to filter can be configured to counter new threats.

  • Advanced analytics

    A Business Analysis Module provides an intuitive interface to explore traffic and identify deviations from the expected traffic.

  • In-house developed Diameter stack

    Symsoft Diameter Firewall relies on a protocol stack developed in-house, meaning that it is easy to extend its capabilities if necessary to protect against emerging threats.

  • Flexible deployment models

    Includes integrated Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) according to IR.88 to simplify integration.

  • Experienced supplier

    Symsoft has years of experience of providing signalling security to operators, and takes an active part in industry forums discussing evolving threats, including the RIFS GSMA group.

  • Reliable platform

    Based on the Symsoft Telecommunications Platform that is designed to offer carrier-grade availability.

Main Capabilities

Symsoft Diameter Firewall is built to provide an effective protection against signalling attacks that will keep your network secure, today and tomorrow. As with all our signalling security products, we have been guided by three main features that ensures the best possible protection.

Powerful real-time filtering

To offer real protection, Symsoft Diameter Firewall can identify and block a wide range of attacks before any damage is done, rather than having to do manual configuration to block further attacks from a specific source once an attack is carried out. This includes all the types of threats categorised by GSMA (Category 0, 1, 2 and 3), thanks to real-time stateful filters that analyse whole sessions rather than just individual messages.

Flexible configuration of filters

As signalling networks get better protected, threats will inevitably evolve and attackers will use all opportunities to target operators. Therefore, Symsoft Diameter Firewall filters are highly configurable so that they can be updated quickly in response to entirely new vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified. Individual filters can either block or monitor matching traffic, allowing quick testing of rules before deployment. Full control over the Diameter stack also means that should updates be necessary, these can be rolled out with a minimal delay.

Carrier-grade availability

Secure signalling is an essential part of providing reliable mobile services, and operators must be able to depend on the solutions they use for protection. This is why Symsoft Diameter Firewall is based on the Symsoft Telecommunications Platform, which has been used for mobile service delivery for over 15 years. Symsoft solutions are used by operators all over the world for business critical applications such as rating, charging and service delivery, and Symsoft Diameter Firewall offers the same carrier-grade availability to ensure continuous protection.