Protect your subscribers, services and revenues from signalling network attacks

In recent years, a number of vulnerabilities in signalling networks has been identified and exploited on a global scale for attacks on operators and individual subscribers. The weaknesses exposed open the door for advanced fraud, hijacking of subscriber communications as well as service disruption. Subscribers may be located down to street level, calls and messages tapped, subscriber profiles tampered with to use services free of charge, and in the worst case, services made completely unavailable.

All these threats rely to a large extent on insufficient filtering of signalling messages, meaning that non-authorised nodes can request subscriber information and update subscriber profiles in situations where this is not warranted. As more independent parties such as MVNOs and micro-operators access signalling networks it has become easier for malicious actors to exploit this central weakness. This applies both to traditional SS7 signalling as well as the Diameter signalling that is being deployed to support LTE-based services, the attack surface grows as LTE roaming increases.

Symsoft Signalling Firewall protects mobile operators against signalling attacks over SS7 as well as Diameter by inspecting traffic and tracking sessions in real time. Illicit messages and patterns can be blocked immediately, ensuring that third parties are unable to access subscriber information or modify subscriber profiles. A number of methods are employed to intelligently filter traffic and block specific attacks, with an intuitive GUI for simple configuration of rules.

Benefits of Symsoft Signalling Firewall

  • Integrated SS7 and Diameter Firewall

    A consolidated solution that safeguards all signalling for a more comprehensive protection.

  • Stateful inspection

    Stateful Inspection enables correlation between several messages in an exchange, providing protection against more sophisticated attacks.

  • Protection of subscriber privacy and integrity

    Protects subscribers from location tracking, call and message interception and hijacking.

  • Assured service quality

    Assured service quality by blocking attacks targeting service availability.

  • Secure revenue streams

    Efficient fraud protection to secure revenue streams.

  • Advanced analytics

    Intuitive interface visualising trends in signalling traffic to identify new threats.

  • Carrier-grade system

    Based on Symsoft Telecommunications Platform built for carrier-grade availability and reliability.

  • Experienced partner

    Symsoft has years of experience working with signalling security and is an active participant in industry-wide forums such as the RIFS GSMA group.

Components of the Symsoft Signalling Firewall

Signalling Vulnerability Assessment Service

The Symsoft Signalling Vulnerability Assessment Service is launched in response to recently exposed security threats in mobile operator networks. Through a proven penetration testing scheme, this service will detail weaknesses in your network that could expose subscribers to advanced fraud, hijacked communications and service disruption.

The Symsoft Signalling Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to provide examples of potential weaknesses in individual operator networks. The result of the inspection can be utilised as input to a concrete action plan on how to significantly increase the protection against security threats and fraud in your network.