Protect your roaming subcribers

On-line management of roaming voice calls for postpaid subscribers brings substantial benefits to mobile operators. Not only does it effectively close the window for fraud, it also opens up possibilities for new revenue generating service offerings for postpaid subscribers in a market environment hampered by declining voice revenues. When postpaid subscribers roam in foreign networks, originating voice calls have traditionally been managed completely by the visited network operator that has little incentives to use low cost routes, provide high quality of service or to detect and combat fraud.

By implementing real-time session control of roaming voice calls – also for postpaid subscribers – the home operator will be able to enforce spending limits and quality control, apply least cost routing, and use credit limits, transaction history, location, destination number and other factors to make informed decisions on whether to allow an originating roaming call or not.

Benefits of Symsoft Roaming Voice Control

  • Decrease roaming costs through least-cost routing

  • Eliminate bill shock with real-time credit limits

  • Drastically reduce fraud with call forwarding control