Protect customer privacy, service availability and revenues

Mobile communications have grown to become an important part of everyday life. All over the world, people, companies and devices rely on mobile connectivity to stay in touch and stay informed. As recent disclosures has underlined, CSPs must work actively to protect their networks against threats targeting their ability to meet these expectations and secure revenue.

Symsoft helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver reliable connectivity and protect customer privacy, while collecting revenue from the services delivered. Our long experience of telecommunications in combination with our active participation in industry fraud forums and deep understanding of the enterprise market give us the insight needed to secure operator networks.

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Mobile networks are exposed; under attack, insecure or even broken. We hear it in the media, through reports and at industry conferences. But, really, how bad is it? Our latest whitepaper provides a detailed overview of signalling network vulnerabilities and attack vectors across SS7, Diameter, and SIP protocols to reveal the real picture of the threats facing the mobile industry.

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