Create a real-time experience for your customers

Consolidated Policy and Charging focuses on the online / real-time charging and policy scenarios. Real-time control is the first step that Communication Service Providers need to adopt to become Digital Service Providers by being able to optimize both user experience based on the applications, products and services used, but also optimize the network based on capacity and needs of the operator.

To enable a PCC for the digital era, a model combining the Online Charging System (OCS), the Subscription Profile Repository (SPR) and the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) has been conceived, bringing everything together in one single entity to provide ease of configuration, ease of operation and ease of integration.

Our recent whitepaper, A Network Operator’s Guide to Differentiating in a Digital Era: How Consolidated Policy & Charging Control Can Provide A Competitive Edge explores PCC in further detail, and shows how it can enable MNOs to shift towards becoming a Digital Service Provider, or a DSP. In today’s changing telecommunications market, this is a must. Download your copy of the whitepaper here.

Symsoft Consolidated Policy and Charging Integration Overview

Symsoft Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) provides value for subscribers by enabling well-managed networks where capacity is distributed fairly. By using static rule settings to enable services such as charging more for higher bandwidth and charging for content rather than bearer volume, operators can steer network usage to optimise user experience.

Use cases for PCRF are expanding into new realms of operator networks where Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and dynamic sponsored data are managed from an IT or IMS network via the Diameter interface. Combining subscriber’s behavioural information from the Symsoft Online Charging Solution (OCS) with the PCRF functionality, a unique tool for differentiating and managing each subscriber individually can be found.

Benefits of Symsoft PCRF

  • Centralised business logic providing short time-to-market

  • Consolidated core network integration with policy and charging functionality

  • Consolidated IT integration for post-processing of data

  • Centralised administration of charging and policy settings, quotas and thresholds

  • Service enablement through customer awareness

Create a real-time experience for your customers

Online charging creates possibilities for operators. Through real-time management of pricing and payment, operators can create cross-service promotions, dynamic packages and innovative payment options enabling them to reach goals such as attracting new customers, increasing revenue and improving cash flow.

The Symsoft Online Charging System (OCS) has been developed to give operators full freedom in the creation of market offers to benefit from real-time control. It enables operators to attract new customers with innovative offers, drive customer loyalty and increase revenue. Pricing, service delivery and marketing communication can all be customised based on individual consumption patterns and current balances to deliver a tailored service experience. The feature richness of the Symsoft OCS and its powerful APIs makes it an ideal choice for partners looking for online enablement of their BSS solutions.

As part of providing Symsoft OCS, Symsoft is highly involved in delivery, integration, and migration of customer data from legacy systems. We have a long experience of working with operators to ensure maximum pay-off from their Symsoft OCS investment.

How Symsoft OCS helps operators become more competitive

  • Convergent service rating and charging

    Rate and charge for any kind of service. This includes both traditional telecommunication services such as voice, messaging and data as well as other complementary services or content purchases on the internet or via re-sellers.

  • Attractive payment options

    Enable hybrid accounts where payment methods can be service-specific and bespoke e.g. have voice and messaging traffic on one invoice, pay for data traffic and content services in advance and get calls to specific numbers charged to another account.

  • Complements legacy systems

    The dynamic nature of the Symsoft OCS makes it flexible enough for niche segments and selected use cases such as roaming data or voice control. The Symsoft OCS enhances fraud prevention strategies whilst complementing the service provider’s legacy systems.

  • Dynamic pricing and marketing

    Create offers and marketing campaigns that are triggered by service use, account balances and payment history in real-time. This provides you with efficient tools to influence customer behaviour and provide a truly personalised customer experience.

  • Reducing operations costs

    Operators are given full control over the entire service offering. An intuitive administration interface makes it possible to launch new services instantly. Symsoft’s OCS integrates seamlessly into next generation as well as legacy networks, serving your entire customer base.

  • Integrated policy control

    Experience the Symsoft integrated policy control function and eliminate redundancy in subscriber and policy configurations whilst creating opportunities for service enablement in addition to control functions.

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