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For the Digital Service Provider, the capabilities of your Business Support Systems are pivotal in how well you are able to deliver an excellent customer experience. The ability to bundle all digital services under one umbrella with real-time control enabled gives real competitive advantage. Real-time control and real-time business intelligence is what makes it possible to ‘Control every bit – Bill any service!’.

Your Business Support Systems must provide flexibility to support any market initiative that might help a service provider win business, from product creation to rating, billing, payment and customer care. To successfully build and leverage market insight for further product evolution, advanced reporting capabilities must also be provided.

Symsoft BSS is a flexible, feature-rich and future-proof solution for customer experience management, designed with flexibility and efficient operations in mind. With a high level of configurability and process automation, Symsoft BSS provides a short time-to-market for new services, packages and campaigns.

Benefits of Symsoft Real-time BSS

How Symsoft enables the Digital Service Provider transition

  • Control every bit, bill any service with flexible service definition and online control

  • Real-time business intelligence and process automation

  • Enabling the transition to a Digital Service Provider service by service

  • An integrated Product Catalog minimizes redundant configurations

Succeeding in a Digital World

Symsoft Real-time BSS with Policy and Charging Control is a product aimed at Communication Service Providers as the backbone in their Digital Service Provider transformation. Symsoft’s Real-time BSS helps the budding DSP to consolidate products and service offerings on a common, online enabled platform to help them control every bit and bill any service for every customer segment both business and consumer.

The number one challenge of CSPs today is to grow top-line while lowering customer acquisition costs and preventing churn. The new digital lifestyles put increasing demands on service providers that at the same time feel like they’re under attack from every direction. Symsoft has developed its Real-time BSS to help the CSP transform into a DSP. An online enabler of the customer’s end-to-end online experience.

The need for focusing on the end-to-end customer experience comes from current trends in the consumer segment. Putting the customer as your focal point is what ultimately drives a more profitable business in an era where consumers will make or break a brand in social media. A customer-centric approach mandates an end-to-end view of their experience with your brand. It is not just about measuring satisfaction with the last customer care representative and other isolated touchpoints.

In the transition to a Digital Service Provider you need the tools to consolidate services to get a complete view of your customer and not risk sub optimizing service by service. A consolidated view also lets you promote, follow-up and draw conclusions on the complete experience and the customer’s satisfaction with it, which is what ultimately drives or prevents churn. Legacy BSS solutions can serve you well in status quo environments and siloed businesses but these solutions risk falling short of expectations in providing the support you need in the transformation process.

Symsoft believe the CSP/DSP is in a unique position to capitalize on its network, its customer relationships and immediate access to valuable data. Customer experience is the value driver behind a profitable business and we believe that online control is the missing link in the end-to-end management of that experience. The system we’ve designed for this purpose puts your product managers in the driver’s seat with both effective tools for innovation and real-time access to business critical data to be able to draw the right conclusions at the right time about the performance of their product. It also controls usage in real-time so that both the Service Provider and the Customer stay on top of what is important to them. It gives the Service Provider tools to promote and protect and puts the Customer in charge of their personalized services, such as telephony, television and broadband with powerful self-care tools that increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

Symsoft Real-Time BSS Capabilities

  • Product Catalog and Ordering

    The Product Catalog is the central tool for product creation and curation. It is a consolidated catalog of consumer goods, subscriptions, add-ons, campaigns and promotions. Through the product catalog you will control what channel and customer segment that gets exposed to what offerings and is tightly integrated to your Point of Sales. Order capture is made through a REST-ful Product Ordering API that communicates with the CRM and Fulfillment processes.

  • CRM and Fulfillment

    The customer’s engagement with the service provider is visualized and managed through the CRM system. A ticketing tool keeps track of all issues related to an individual customer or specific issue. New orders from the Order Management system will update or create the customer engagement records accordingly and will complete the fulfillment process by being propagated to and provisioned on the appropriate networks. Provisioning is a central integration point and Symsoft’s Real-time BSS offers customizable ways for propagating service orders to the networks as well as setting up the logistics processes for new orders and returns and keeping track of inventory.

  • Real-time Control and Policy

    The tool that truly puts the service provider on top of customer experience is the online charging and policy management features of the system. Using policy as a means for service enablement with customer experience in mind is what can set the DSP apart from the competition. This can be achieved in addition to policy’s traditional role in enforcement.

  • Billing and Reporting

    The settlement process after a period’s use of service is not just a way for you to get paid. It also gives you ample opportunity for evolving your products and optimizing the product mix. Actionable business intelligence put in the hands of the right people is a game changer that will allow you to go from monitoring to innovation. The ability for the customer to get one easily understandable bill for all their services increases transparency and removes one of the common pain points for customers.

An End-to-End Customer Focus

  • Create

    Build innovative offerings, effectively beating the competition to gain customers

  • Experience

    Deliver service experiences with end-to-end control of the service levels to prevent churn

  • Evolve

    Improve your offering by with analytics and business intelligence in real-time to grow your top-line

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