A broad product portfolio for mobile operators, virtual operators and other communication service providers.

Symsoft Telecommunications Platform

Symsoft’s products and services are based on one common platform – the Symsoft Telecommunications Platform. The platform serves as a foundation for reliable, resource-efficient service configuration, delivery and administration, securing optimised total cost of ownership. The common platform also allows for functionality reuse to make product development more efficient, resulting in shorter time-to-market for individual operator customisations.

Modularity and scalability enables a broad range of services on one consolidated platform regardless of network size. Symsoft’s customers range from established major mobile operators with millions of subscribers to green-field operators with tens of thousands of subscribers.

Symsoft capabilities are offered as physical deployments, hosted solutions and as a service. For our most flexible delivery option, read more about Symsoft’s Managed Solutions.

Platform Benefits

Key benefits of the Symsoft Telecommunications Platform include:

  1. Modular, flexible, scalable

    The modular and scalable platform provides flexibility while delivering a wide range of capabilities.

  2. Optimized for consolidation

    Prepared to replace multiple legacy solutions with an easily managed and cost-efficient consolidated platform.

  3. Virtual or dedicated solution

    Solutions are availabe as physical deployments, virtulized into multiple instances, and enabled in cloud-based environment.

  4. Complete MVNO solution

    A broad and integrated solution which provides service delivery and all key business support capabilities needed to operate one or multiple MVNOs.