New Symsoft Charging System release

Late last year we released a new update to the Symsoft Charging System, CSS8. This latest release of CSS, incorporates a range of capabilities that makes it easier for you to manage your customer experience in an efficient manner, and we are proud to present the result of our efforts. Read on for all the latest updates and features!

More flexible customer experience management with products and individual bundles

We have added two new features that add flexibility to the products and product creation:

  • We’ve introduced a Product concept in the platform that offers an administrative container for several business logic resources that can be associated with a price. The Product concept simplifies configuration and enables cloning, export and import of all resources needed for a specific new customer-facing product, for example to deploy a new product to a live system.
  • Symsoft Charging System now supports Individual Customer Service Packages that allow customers to personalise their service buckets based on their needs. In a typical scenario, a customer can set separate bucket sizes for Voice, SMS, MMS, and data based on their actual needs. It is also possible to control policy rules via Individual Customer Services Packages, for example to control Bandwidth and OTT application access.

These two features add flexibility from service provider to customer: flexibility for the service provider in the creation and launch of new products, and flexibility for the individual customer to design their own ideal service package.

New Policy capabilities

Thanks to recent additions to the PCRF module, Symsoft Charging System can support a number of use cases:

  • VoLTE and IMS: Support for control of IMS services, including the VoLTE service
  • WiFi Calling: Control WiFi-based voice services to off-load your network and improve call quality
  • Local and Access-based Policies: Tailor control settings based on location down to cell level.
  • Fair Usage: Provide a consistent experience for all your customers by setting bandwidth caps
  • Application-aware Plans: Set rules based on content and URL to provide services such as parental control
  • Sponsored Data: Enables sponsoring of specific data services so that the end user does not have to pay for the data itself for a better full service experience

These are just a few of the recent improvements to our CSS product. If you want to know more, contact us and we’ll help you understand how the latest version of the Symsoft Charging System can make your business smarter and your life easier.

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