Consolidate different value added services onto a common platform and run a smarter business.

Despite the rapid adoption of OTT services among mobile subscribers, value added services (VAS) is still a popular and expected part of the service portfolio that continues to find new applications in the form of enterprise messaging. However, with OTT services putting pressure on prices, operators need to start working smarter and be more efficient when delivering these services.

A smarter business with service consolidation

Consolidating VAS delivery onto a common platform promises to improve operator efficiency while drastically decreasing CAPEX. Consolidated VAS helps you run a smarter business by:

  • Increasing efficiency in operations by using a common configuration and management interface for all services
  • Simplifying integration by using common interfaces
  • Lowering initial investment
  • Improving hardware utilisation and decreasing footprint by sharing resources between different value added services

While running separate platforms in a common virtualised environment can deliver certain advantages, the full value of consolidation is realised only when everything is based on a common platform. A consolidated solution with a single vendor also ensures efficient interoperability and a single point of support.

Consolidating with Symsoft

With a truly consolidated solution from Symsoft, consolidated from a hardware, network, software and management perspective, operators can realise significant efficiencies in network operation, radically reducing CAPEX and OPEX without sacrificing service quality. The common software core enables common integration, configuration and maintenance, whilst the shared hardware platform increases utilisation and decreases initial investment and operational expenditure.

As an experienced actor in Value Added Service, Symsoft delivers efficient VAS products that meet the needs of service providers, today and tomorrow. SMSC, MMSC, USSD and call completion as well RCS and IP-SM gateway functionality are all available from Symsoft. Symsoft also offers alternative financing possibilities by deploying Symsoft SMS Firewall as part of a consolidated solution, capturing revenue from the growing Enterprise Messaging market.

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