The world is currently witnessing the explosive growth of digital services such as Skype, Twitter and Facebook that use mobile connectivity to bring value to their users. In this changing market landscape, much has been said about the need for traditional communication service providers, including Operators and MVNOs, to evolve into Digital Service Providers (DSP) to allow their customers a superior full service experience. However, each service provider must still meet the challenge of understanding where they need to evolve to thrive in this digital transformation.

The new digital service landscape has given customers new expectations. They expect to be in charge of their experience, able to customise services and receive offers based on their actual needs, control their spending and interact with service providers on their own terms. If their current provider cannot meet these expectations they can easily move on, accessing their favourite digital services via any other provider.

It is also important to consider the full service experience of the customer, rather than just the connectivity you offer. Being able to provide connectivity adapted to specific digital services creates a total experience that improves customer satisfaction with both you as a digital service provider and the digital service itself.

Empowering customers is key to succeeding in this landscape. To accomplish this, you must adapt a number of aspects of your business:

  • Channels for customer interaction: Make yourself available for inquiries from customers using channels that they use as part of their daily life. This is applicable to person-to-person customer care as well as self-care. For example, Twitter and Facebook can be excellent channels for personal contact, while web portals and mobile apps provide easily accessible self-care interfaces.
  • Product customisation: Allow customers to design their own service packages to suit their actual needs, rather than offering a small set of basic service packages. Customisation should be possible over self-care channels, so that customers can make changes immediately, with recommendations based on actual service use history.
  • Access to information: Share information on activated services, account balances and available buckets via all customer care and self-care channels to give customers full control over their service use. The information must be updated in real-time to give a correct picture of the current state, guiding customers when using and buying additional services.
  • Service delivery: To create a positive full service experience, the delivery network must work in tandem with the digital services accessed. This can mean differential charging where traffic towards a specific service does not count towards a subscriber’s data bucket or quality related parameters affecting actual delivery. Based on real-time information, you can also make proactive service recommendations when customers are most aware of a specific need.

To be able to empower customers in the ways described, you must make sure that you have appropriate support from your delivery infrastructure. At Symsoft, we believe that it is necessary to implement the following capabilities in your BSS to succeed as a Digital Service Provider:

  • Real-time control of all traffic: To give your customers control over service use and spending you must begin by having that control yourself. With real-time control, account balances are updated as part of service delivery, ensuring up to date information.
  • Flexible APIs to allow for integration with relevant customer care and self care interfaces: Account information must be exposed so that it can be accessed by customer care agents and self care interfaces, allowing customers to access real-time account information and change their service settings.
  • Integrated Charging and Policy Control: Integrating real-time charging capabilities and policy control lets you provide services that adapt to the needs of customers as they use your services. Each customer can get services adapted to what they are currently doing, creating a truly personalised experience. Policy control will also enable offers that take the full service experience into account, providing connectivity and pricing suitable for the digital services used.

If you review your existing infrastructure to ensure that you have the capabilities above in place, you will be able to retain your existing customers and win over new customers by empowering them to customise their experience and providing additional services when they need them.

Symsoft Real-Time BSS

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