Roaming presents an important opportunity for operators to drive revenue and add value to customers through product innovation.

With international travel growing strongly, roaming services have become increasingly important over time. The ability to connect using a single subscription wherever you go holds great value for subscribers. This has made roaming an important point of differentiation when targeting market segments that travel regularly.

Simultaneously, regulations are placing new demands on service providers to control subscriber spending while roaming. All this drives the creation of new roaming services to add value for subscribers and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Creating Value for Subscribers

Communication services are arguably even more important when abroad. Being able to stay in touch with people at home and with travel companions as well as being able to find information online can be extremely valuable in a foreign environment.

However, serving roaming customers presents several challenges for service providers. First, agreements and solutions must be in place to enable roaming in the first place. For example, certain customer segments with prepaid subscriptions require real-time information on service use to avoid revenue loss. Second, customers must feel that they have control over their spending. As the cost for services are higher when roaming, customers often avoid using them. Many service providers see a majority of customers de-activate mobile data when they go abroad, decreasing revenue for the operator and value for the customer, with some turning their phone off altogether. Third, service providers must ensure that customers are protected against excessive spending according to local regulations.

Common to all these challenges is the question of credit control. By offering an updated view of customer spending, service providers can give customers the control they need to use roaming services. Meanwhile, real-time credit control is key to comply with the regulatory demands present in many regions and to protect service providers against revenue loss.

 Reinvent roaming with Symsoft

Symsoft offers a range of products aimed at helping operators re-invent their roaming services by offering customers more control of their spending:

  • Symsoft Real-time BSS provides real-time usage and spending control for all subscribers, even when roaming, preventing bill shock as well as fraudulent service use.
  • Symsoft Call-back Roaming provides connectivity to prepaid subscribers roaming in networks not prepared for real-time credit control by setting up a session via the home network.

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