All over the world, MVNOs have been highly successful in reaching specific market segments that regular operators are not actively targeting. The rise of the MVNO business model has meant that more customers can find relevant service offers from MVNOs that understand their specific needs, with the MVNOs taking a cut of this added value.

However, the segments targeted by MVNOs are generally smaller and often provide lower revenue per customer. Therefore, MVNOs face the challenge of providing services as efficiently as possible while offering a superior customer experience for the market segment they serve to attract customers. Only if they succeed with this can they be profitable.

Customer services – a key to an efficient business

In terms of costs, customer care represents one of the largest items that MVNOs have control over, and at the same time, it is an important competitive differentiator. Building efficient customer care processes can make an important contribution to your bottom line, but customers must still be given the service level they expect.

Digital channels present an opportunity to connect efficiently with customers, improving customer care while using your customer service resources better. So how can you gain from using digital channels in your customer interactions?

  • Increased reliance on self-care: By allowing subscribers to access account information and manage their subscription settings, you can decrease the load on customer care. This leaves your customer care staff free to handle more complex issues and interactions.
  • Better live support through text-based interaction: Digital, text-based interactions have several advantages over traditional telephone-based customer care.
    • Customers have a higher acceptance for slightly longer response times when texting, which means that customer service agents can look into the issues and provide better information when they respond. From a customer point of view, response times do increase, but the time to resolution of an issue is often decreased, which is the goal of the customer in the first place
    • One customer service agent can serve several customer simultaneously, initiating dialog with a new customer while waiting for answers in another customer dialog.
    • It is easier to track written interaction compared to telephone conversations, making it easier for customer service agents to get a fuller picture of an issue.

Succeeding with digital channels

To realise the potential of digital channels for customer care, you must not only offer these channels but also be able to drive your customers to use them. There are a number of things to consider to make this happen:

  • Use channels that work over mobile: Many of your customers already use mobile devices as their main way of connecting with brands. Make sure that the channels you use are prepared for mobile devices, including web-based self service portals.
  • Know what channels your customers already use: Make sure that you know what digital services your customers already use and make sure to be present there. It is much easier for customers to connect using services that they already know and use on a daily basis.
  • Make relevant account information and settings available over all self-care channels: Your customers get in touch with you because they have a specific need. The fewer ways they have to interact with your organisation to satisfy that need, the better for them and for you. Therefore, ensure that you offer real-time account information and as much ability to configure subscriptions as possible over all self-care channels. This makes it easier to customers to manage their needs on their own, no matter which channel they prefer, easing the load on your customer service agents.
  • Create an app for self-care: Having an app where customers can access self-help functionality as well as a support chat makes it easier for customers to manage their subscriptions. You can also authenticate customers as part of the app setup so that interactions with customer service agents become more efficient.

To realise a Digital strategy, you need to ensure that the platforms that you use provide the support needed. This includes systems for billing and charging that provide well-defined APIs that provide real-time account information and management for integration with your self-care and CRM systems. With the right platforms, you can make your customer care more efficient and offer a better service to your customers.

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