Mobile communications have grown dramatically to become an integral part of life, and mobile service providers have grown to meet this need. However, as mobile services mature, the success factors that enabled growth in the first place are not necessarily the same that will make your business successful moving forwards. As services mature, many providers find that their edge is no longer service innovation but rather the ability to create a compelling full customer experience in an efficient manner.

This development naturally affects the focus of your everyday business. Individual services such as SMS and MMS, and customisations of these services, that were previously key differentiators have now been replicated across the market, and the main service innovation has instead moved on the Internet-based service providers. Infrastructure that was previously key to service innovation has now become standardised snd requires less of your focus.

While these services have become less important as differentiators, your customers still expect you to offer them. Not having to focus on innovating a specific service does not mean that you can stop supplying it altogether, but rather that you should look for alternatives that allow you to serve your customers in a more efficient manner. The challenge that you as a service provider face is to find methods of delivering services that best fit your organisation and your customers.

Many service providers have already taken a first step towards better efficiency in service delivery by deploying consolidated platforms that manage delivery of several services, in some cases for several markets. This creates larger economies of scale, enabling a more efficient business and increasing profitability.

Taking a step further, cloud technology provides an opportunity to realise even greater economies of scale. By moving service delivery capabilities to the cloud, you can free up resources that are currently spent on maintaining hardware and software. While keeping total control over service delivery infrastructure made perfect sense when these services were important tools to gain a competitive edge, today’s market conditions and the maturity of cloud platforms allow you to work more efficiently by handing over service delivery to a third party.

In addition to realising even greater economies of scale by sharing infrastructure with other cloud users, it enables you to focus even harder on creating a winning customer experience to gain new revenue.

Symsoft-as-a-Service and Hosted Platforms

All Symsoft products, including the Value Added Services portfolio, can be offered as Cloud deployments. You have the choice between Managed Cloud deployments, where you have a dedicated cloud-hosted platform that is operated by Symsoft, or buying capacity on an as-a-Service basis, where you pay a monthly fee for the capacity required.

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