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The Digital Service Provider Transformation – A journey from C to D

Transforming yourself from a Communication Service Provider (CSP) to an omnichannel Digital Service Provider (DSP) is a greater journey than its alphabetical parallel. Embracing all things digital and not just digital communications (such as 4G mobile telephony) requires that you rethink your market positioning. From a best-of-breed mobile service provider in a waterfall operational model, to an agile, best-of-suite provider of digital services, you are no longer a cellphone service provider but an enabler of your customers’ online experience. No longer is the number of Voice minutes and Texts the main competitive tools in your toolbox.

Perhaps you’re coming from relying on basic metrics and KPIs on mobile network performance and deployed sites per year for gauging your organization’s performance. In that case you will have to shift your focus to a holistic view of the customers’ individual experiences. The enablement of their multi-screen home and mobile entertainment demands, anywhere and anytime, is now in your hands. Packaging the delivery of this multi-screen experience according to the value placed on the experience by each customer segment in a way that maximizes the lifetime value of that customer needs to be your top priority.

Customers want simpler packaging and greater control over their experience so they can make sure they’re getting their money’s worth. They’re social creatures that will either make or break your brand online so keeping a close watch on Net Promoter Scores and other viral indicators of their current bias while delivering a uniform brand experience through every channel will tell you if you’re still on the right track. Empowering your customers, keeping the business relationship transparent and honest, minimizing any potential pain points for the customer and always, always judging every action through the eyes of the customer is the way to build lasting value. Not only will this give the customers what they want, it can also help you streamline your operations and become leaner and more cost-efficient in the process.

On the back-end, you will need to make sure that your business support systems support the new agile product development process and that your business intelligence systems are delivering to their full potential. You need to shorten the feedback loop, using your real-time usage control and online analytics capabilities to create actionable intelligence to the product managers. This is likely done in some flavor of Cloud that fits your availability, reliability, agility and security policies.

How to implement this transformation is your biggest challenge. Entrenched processes and hierarchies within the organization will tend to measure and promote existing values and ways of working. You need to visualize the future gains of this transformation to get the buy-in you need from key stakeholders and the rest of the organization for it to get its wings.

If you want to know how Symsoft can help you with this transition leveraging our over 25 years of industry expertise, please talk to us!