Stour Marine: Growing business with Symsoft Cloud SMSC

Stour Marine

Stour Marine is an independent communications service provider and licensed mobile network operator in the United Kingdom offering voice and messaging services globally. In order to increase their delivery capabilities while staying focused on growing their core business, Stour Marine chose the managed Symsoft SMSC, deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud to deliver their services.

Managing an expanding business

Stour Marine is currently in the process of expanding rapidly as they open up their services to a larger set of customers. This expansion has increased the demands on the service delivery infrastructure, and one of the main bottlenecks was found to be their legacy SMSC. The existing system had been used since the beginning of operations in 2006, and would not be able to cope with increased traffic volumes. The challenge was to replace this existing infrastructure with a more capable solution while minimising capital expenditure and maintaining focus on the main business of serving enterprise customers.

“Managing a growing business is often a question of knowing where to put your resources to use”, says Leo Bartle, CEO of Stour Marine. “We needed a solution that allowed us to expand without being consumed by the project of upgrading our infrastructure. Our business requires continuous efforts to win customers and maintain relationships with other operators. We believe that our success lies in listening to our customers and creating attractive services, not on managing hardware. It simply does not make business sense to spend time and resources on managing the service delivery infrastructure ourselves.”

Choosing Symsoft

After careful evaluation, Stour Marine chose a cloud SMSC solution from Symsoft. The solution was offered fully managed on an as-a-Service basis, deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Several factors affected the decision to choose a cloud platform and Symsoft specifically:

  • Scalability: The Symsoft solution did not just solve the immediate need to increase capacity with zero impact on on-going operations, it also promised to simplify capacity increases further down the line. The cloud deployment made it simple to add more processing power as traffic increases, and the as-a-Service model ensures that Stour Marine would never pay for unused capacity.
  • Low capital expenditure: For a growing business such as Stour Marine, going for a cloud deployment released capital for efforts that result in new business rather than binding it up in infrastructure investments.
  • Efficient, reliable and secure operations: Stour Marine could work smarter and devote fewer resources to network management by relying on Symsoft to perform the day-to-day operations and monitoring of the SMS delivery infrastructure. Symsoft’s extensive experience of deploying and operating telecommunications systems in combination with the Amazon Web Services cloud ensured the high availability and security that enterprise customers demand.
  • Proven platform: The Symsoft SMSC has previously been deployed in service providers around the world since 2003, providing carrier-grade availability and processing billions of messages annually.

Realising the benefits of the cloud

In November 2015, Stour Marine started using the Cloud Symsoft SMSC for commercial traffic. The platform has allowed for the rapid and efficient addition of new customers. Stour Marine now has the ability to offer high-quality SMS services to its customers, standing ready for future business growth with no capital expenditure and zero impact to the on-going business.

“Working with Symsoft allows us to focus on our core business of connecting enterprises to UK customers and developing our offering,” Leo Bartle continues. “During the planning, deployment and day-to-day operations, Symsoft has been a first-class, dependable partner, ensuring that our customers get the best service possible, with 100% availability. It has been a key factor allowing us to sign up new customers and grow our traffic volumes at a rapid pace.”

“For us at Symsoft, Stour Marine is a perfect example of an innovative company that can work smarter by leveraging our cloud infrastructure”, says Anna Trossing, Product Manager at Symsoft. ”As a supplier, the cloud deployment makes it much easier to adapt the service to the current and future needs of Stour Marine, thus letting the infrastructure be shaped by business needs rather than the other way around.”