Maingate: Enabling cost-efficient M2M services

Growing with M2M messaging

Maingate is a Sweden-based operator specialising in smart services connecting people, machines, and information. Since 1998, Maingate has helped enterprises improve their business by leveraging mobile technology. Already offering services in several European countries, they opened an office in the UK in Spring 2012 to further increase their market footprint.

Maingate enables machine-to-machine (M2M) communications by offering SMS services which helps customers connect distributed infrastructure in an efficient manner. The company has based its M2M messaging services on the Symsoft SMSC since 2005. As a natural next step in Maingate’s market growth plan they were looking to develop the solution to further increase its efficiency and to improve flexibility towards customers.

Virtualisation for a lower total cost of ownership

To meet future needs and opportunities, Maingate chose a new SMSC from Symsoft that provided a cost-efficient platform to increase messaging capacity for Maingate’s M2M and A2P businesses. The upgraded solution enabled Maingate to launch new SMS services faster and more efficiently than previously possible. The new platform also provides Maingate with virtualisation features that allow several SMSCs to be consolidated on one physical platform.

“By upgrading our platform to Symsoft’s next generation messaging solution, with support for a virtualised and distributed solutions, we have been able to consolidate several business areas onto one platform. We can now meet customer needs in a more flexible and efficient way. This helps us minimise time-to-market for our customers,” explains Robert Bellwaldius, COO at Maingate.

Today the Symsoft SMSC is an essential tool for Maingate’s business expansion that helps reduce both capital and operational expenditure, offering advanced messaging capabilities at a low total cost of ownership.