Providing cutting-edge technology is only part of the equation. Great people make a great company.

The Symsoft corporate culture

Work should be challenging, inspiring and fun. It is important for us to work with the right people and have a strong value-based culture. We are passionate about our customers’ business and continuously work to understand how we can use our skills to address our customers’ needs and support their goals. We believe in innovation for long-term success. We appreciate a competitive market place since it helps us think outside the box and find innovative ways to develop high-quality products and solutions. We believe in operational efficiency and therefore continuously develop and improve our tools and processes as well as our products with a focus on creating value for our customers. We believe that an honest focus on being open and service minded pays off in relationships since everyone’s involvement is important for us to succeed. We say what we mean and do what we say, focusing on giving fast and accurate service.

Symsoft Company Values

Our values support the culture and character of our company.

  • We are leaders as a company and as individuals – we are all accountable

  • We are flexible in our thinking and solutions

  • We act with integrity and respect

  • We are passionate about your business

Want to be part of our team?

Our goal is to maintain a strong core team and it is therefore essential for us to find the right individual with the right motivation and potential to grow within the company. We recruit selectively and do not necessarily publish all job postings. If you are right for us there is always an opening.

If you are interested joining any of our teams, we welcome you to visit  our recruiting site.